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Your November 2022 Horoscope: The Travel Plans to Make—and Break—This Month, According to Your Sign

Mid-November, a major shift happens when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all enter Sagittarius, bringing you out of the clouds and back into reality. You should start to feel more like yourself toward the end of the month, especially when a new moon in Sagittarius on November 23 sparks a new cycle for identity and physical embodiment. You’re coming back into yourself and that’s something to celebrate. Tensions in your relationships could be keeping you from fully expressing who you are right now, but remember: don’t let anyone dim your light or discourage you from taking up space.

Capricorn Rising

November starts off as a fairly social month for you (probably because you have so many Scorpio friends) but it ends in retreat mode, giving you time and space to explore your own mind and psyche in a setting that supports you doing so.

At the beginning of the month, there’s a focus on friends and community: expect to be introduced to new people and groups that intrigue and inspire you. You could also find yourself reuniting with old friends, especially as folks travel home during the holidays. Cherish these moments with loved ones old and new, for the joy you experience in community propels you through the winter months. You may be enticed to hit the road and explore your local area more, perhaps by visiting a nearby town or finding a cool spa for a day trip. There’s an emphasis on centering pleasure, especially around the Taurus lunar eclipse on Tuesday, November 8. You’ve been pulled in so many different directions lately, especially when figuring out how to allocate resources and find support. While you have clear desires and creative projects you’re nearly ready to throw yourself into, insecurity about the stability of your finances and resources may be holding you back. Hold off on making any quick decisions around this eclipse and see if you can give yourself a few weeks to process your emotions as things unfold. You may feel rushed to act but before you do, ask yourself where the haste is coming from. 

Mid-month, you begin to withdraw further into yourself, to a point where you may not want to be very social at all. If you can carve out time in the last two weeks of November to get out of dodge and indulge in a solo adventure, you’ll be glad you did. If a full trip isn’t in the cards for you, look up some areas for a day trip or solo hike. Getting out of town to clear your head will serve you well at the end of an exhausting month, and you deserve it. This is also a great time to dive into a project, especially if it involves writing or research—so find a cozy spot with a fireplace and get lost in your work.

Aquarius Rising

As November kicks off, you find yourself getting serious about your career path with more confidence and support than ever before. This journey over the last three years has been anything but easy, yet you’re able to see the light at the end of the tunnel more clearly these days, and more activity in your professional life is giving you a boost, allowing you to be seen and celebrated. As opportunities come in, you’re still tasked with asking yourself the big questions around what you want to be known for. Maybe what you’ve been doing just isn’t cutting it anymore and you’re ready for something new. Mars, the planet responsible for your career, is retrograde until January 12, giving you over two months to dive deep into research and creation mode so that you can figure out what direction to go next. You don’t (and probably shouldn’t) have to make any big decisions right now, just see what ideas come to you and explore. 

A lunar eclipse in Taurus on Tuesday, November 8, draws your focus toward your home and family. Perhaps this is a time where your attention is needed by relatives; you may experience shocking revelations regarding the home or family, such as a realization that it’s time to move, or a need to renovate parts of the home. To be prepared, be sure you have systems of support in place so that any potential jolts to your foundation can be mitigated. You can exhale a bit once we get to the middle of the month when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all enter Sagittarius, bringing relief to the pressure you’ve been feeling. It’s a lovely time to surround yourself with other travelers or folks from different cultures and backgrounds, both in-person and online in community-oriented spaces. You find a lot of joy in connecting with folks that are different from you, and you’ll have increased opportunities to do so in the latter half of the month. Embrace the support from your community and network, and start making plans for your next excursion—there’s plenty of travel for you in 2023 and beyond.

Pisces Rising

Scorpio season brings a focus to your beliefs, and your broader perspective on life and travel. If you find yourself in transit or far removed from home, live it up while you’re there, seeing the sights and checking out any less-expected scenes. If you’re home and itching to get out of the country, consider waiting until the new year—scratch that itch locally in the meantime. November is a great time to start saving for future travel, but first you may consider asking yourself why you travel in the first place, and what you hope to learn from your experiences. This will help you decide where to go next. For now, your finances are likely going toward maintenance in your home, or traveling home for the holidays, so it might not be the best time to book a five-star vacation, especially if you aren’t 100 percent sure that’s what you want. Try to satisfy your need to get out and about by having fun in your neighborhood or city. A lunar eclipse in Taurus on Tuesday, November 8, could bring unexpected situations while commuting or traveling—keep an eye out during this tense time. 

Mid-month, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all enter Sagittarius and you begin to think more seriously about your ever-evolving career path. You have a unique ability to be positively seen and received by so many different people. If your career doesn’t have an international component yet, maybe it should. Consider the ways in which you’re gifted at facilitating the sharing of important information on a large scale. Maybe there’s a new path for you on the horizon? A Sagittarius new moon on November 23 brings your attention to the possibilities for your future, so shoot high.

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