Why is Speed ​​Dating so successful in Australia?

How do You Succeed at Speed Dating

Forms of seduction began to multiply. There is something for everyone. You like to show up: you go to nightclubs, you’re a little shy: you reduce your circle of friends to friends, you’re very adventurous: you can even go to the park, you’re into technology and so on, long, etc.

Now there’s a new trend: speed dating. You could say it’s a teasing way that brings it all together. Of course, he deserves success. Speed ​​dating consists of having multiple speed dates. Usually, they are about 15 mini-dates and never exceed 10 minutes.

This event consists of a meeting of everyone who has attended. Half is sitting, and the other half is moving, so much so that you have a date with each of them. Once you’ve completed all the rounds, you’ll need to mark who you want to go on a second date with. If there is a match, they notify you and give you a phone number.

Now, the million-dollar question is: how do you make yourself look like an attractive person in less than 10 minutes? I’ll give you a little help. I’m very good at dating.

  • Make a list of things you want to tell him yes or yes. In short, don’t cover it up. Title, and that’s it.
  • If you see that he doesn’t talk much, ask him something. People love to tell their life stories.
  • Ask what is essential to you. Don’t waste time. Straight to the point.
  • Show confidence in yourself. People don’t like insecurity or people who don’t have clarity.
  • Try to go with some friends. It will be more fun, and you can comment on the game. The only bad thing is that you like the same person.
  • Don’t insist that it’s your first speed date, that you’ve never used the App… Nobody believes it, and that’s sad.
  • If you don’t like it: be patient. Just wait for the next one to come. Be friendly but don’t invest too much energy. It will run out.

And that’s it. If you want to go on a speedy date, it’s easiest to find one in a big city. Usually, there are several events organized, so they will be easy to find. Here you have one hosted in several places in Australia.

What are the keys to good Speed ​​Dating?

Now you enter the game. You are the most important part of speed dating because there is no game without you. But you must be willing to play and know how to do it. The main ingredient of fruitful speed dating is wanting to meet someone. Want to get out of your circle of friends and acquaintances to explore meeting new people and feeling different emotions than you’ve been feeling before? The main thing to be comfortable is that you are yourself and know how to let yourself get carried away by the situation.

Finding someone special or a perfect friendship is the ideal ingredient. Go on an adventure to try these new experiences and discover all you have inside and can take when you meet someone. We believe we can all find that special someone; this is your chance.

How speed dating works

It’s no secret to anyone: finding a partner is not as easy as it seems. And often, work and responsibilities keep us from having as active social life as we would like, making meeting people even more difficult. Therefore, the concept of speed dating is prevalent among Australians.

But how does speed dating work? What do you have to do to participate? We clarify all your doubts about this method to get a date.

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Steps to follow:

  • Speed ​​Dating has become popular because of its speed and variety and because it is a fun and sure way to meet new people.
  • Speed ​​Dating organizers start by making calls based on age, for example, speed dating for people between 25 and 35 years old. It ensures that participants meet contemporary people, thereby increasing the chances of compatibility due to sharing similar cultural references. But since nothing is free in life, each participant has to pay a registration fee for Speed ​​Dating, which can vary depending on many factors. However, many say it is a good investment and even cheaper than going out for a night to meet new people; you save money on drinks, tickets to clubs, transportation, etc.
  • But what is Speed ​​Dating? Well, very simply, in a spacious place, there are several tables where the girls will sit. The average time for speed dating can vary between 5, 7 and 10 minutes, depending on the organizer. Every allotted number of minutes, the boys had to turn the table to meet a girl, the goal being that everyone in the audience had a chance to see each other.
  • Each participant receives an appointment card where they have to write their opinion or comments about each participant. Usually, three boxes are offered with categories: friendship if the person seems nice to you. Still, you have no other interests than friendship or not interested if there is no relationship with that person.
  • After a few days, the Speed ​​Dating organizer publishes the coincidence, and if there are two people connected, both will receive each other’s data to get in touch and schedule a new meeting. As you will see, this is a speedy way to establish first contact.
  • Speed ​​Dating or speed dating is just another alternative, like going to a party or flirting online by going to a dating site, which opens up the possibility for us to meet various essential people and build connection possibilities. And studies and experience show that to see someone and find out if they are suitable or exciting to us doesn’t take much time. A few minutes of conversation is enough if you know what topic to cover, which is why Speed ​​Dating makes it a good alternative.

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