What Is Soul Frequency?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics” Albert Einstein

Each time we think, we vibrate, this vibration creates a cluster of vibrations. All like thoughts create a cluster of each like vibrations, which then create a specific frequency, e.g. Despair, Anger, Vengeance, Boredom, Zeal, Zest, Joy and Happiness etc.

We humans exist in a state of vibrational code unique to each person. People who emit a similar vibe are tuned in on the same Frequency Node, hence attracted to each other and a friendship can easily be formed. You cannot resonate with someone else who has a fundamentally incompatible vibrational energy because you will be far apart on the Chart of Energy Waves. Once you know what Energy point you are vibrating at, you will be able to comprehend all the uncertainties in your life and will gain absolute control!

I came across an inspiring story that eloquently illustrated how God has created our amazing abilities. We need to journey inward to find our innate power.

There is an ancient legend, which magnificently illustrates the central Sufi theme: “That which we often search for is within us all along. We have only to look”.

In this particular legend, the Creator gathers all the creatures of the world and asks the pressing question: “I have a great and mighty secret gift. Where should I hide it from the humans so that they may only find it when they are ready? It is the realization that man is the master creator of his own destiny.”

The eagle said, “Give it to me and I will take it to the highest mountain in all the land,”

“No,” said the Creator, “One day they’ll travel as high as the moon and find it.”

“Leave it with me and I will hide it at the very bottom of the ocean,” offered the salmon.

“No,” said the Creator, “for humans are explorers at heart, and one day they will go there too.”

“I know, I know,” cried the buffalo, “I will take it and bury it in the very heart of the Great Plains!”

“Oh, but, they will one day even rip open the skin of the earth and dig it out, too,” the Creator shook his head and said.

I know where to hide it, my Creator,” Grandmother Mole, who lives in the breast of Mother Earth, and who has no physical eyes but sees with spiritual eyes, said, “I know where to hide the gift of the knowledge of Truth and Justice.”

“Where, then, my child?” asked the Creator lovingly.

“Hide it deep inside their hearts,” said the frail nearly blind Grandmother Mole. “Put it inside them because then only the wisest and purest of heart will have the courage to look there.”

Silence permeated the air until all waited for the Creator to answer. After a long wait, the Creator smiled and said, “So be it.”

And that is where the Creator placed the gift.

The knowledge of the realization that human being is the architect of they own destiny.”

A human being thinks approximately 100,000 times a day. 92% thoughts (which equates to nearly 92,000) are generated from focusing on things that we don’t want or what we don’t have or a bit of both. Resulting into 92% of our life of either what we don’t want and or what we don’t have. We create our reality through our FOCUS. Anything that takes our focus or attention initiates a thought and a thought creates a vibration. Whatever frequency we are vibrating at, we attract like frequency.

Research by psychologists has shown that on any given day, 99% of our thoughts are exactly the same as the day before. That means that we are trapped in reliving every day, a life that seems not to change. Is it any wonder we are plagued by despair, sadness, exhaustion, and addictions? Majority of these thoughts are of past regret, future anxiety and uncertainty or doubt, especially self-doubt or fear of something that might happen. Why? Why aren’t we showered by happy positive miraculous thoughts?

The question we should ask is, “What am I feeling while thinking this particular thought?” Find out the exact feeling that is generated when we have a rush of thoughts. This feeling is what we will attract for now and for future. Nothing different…but identical to what we are feeling NOW!. (If we continue to feel that way, unless we change how we feel now).

So what are you thinking now?

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