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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply a UK Visa for Filipinos

Kuwaiti citizens will require Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) to travel to the UK without a visa. It is set to apply to nationals from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) from February 2024. It will make the travel preparations for Great Britain fast and convenient for Kuwaiti citizens. ETA will be valid for short-term visits, and if the stay is more than 6 months, then a long-term visa is required for study and work purposes.

An ETA is linked electronically to the passport. It is valid for up to 2 years, and you can enter the UK multiple times. The electronic travel permit will be necessary for all foreigners entering England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland without a nonimmigrant visa. The ETA system is set to replace the Electronic Visa Waiver program (EVW) currently applicable in the GCC countries.

At the moment, both Kuwaiti passport holders and permanent residence holders need an EVW to travel to the United Kingdom for the short term. The UK Tourist Visa authorises foreign travеllеrs to visit the UK for six months. The purpose of travel can be:

Tourism: Visit England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for tourism purposes

Leisure: Family gatherings and meet-up with friends and relatives

Business: Attend business conferences, events and signings

Study: Following a short course for six months or training at an accredited institution

Medical treatment: Produce medical history and reports to get treatment in the UK.

The candidate can also visit for research and other purposes upon invitation.


Eligibility Criteria for UK Tourist Visa


To be eligible for a UK Tourist Visa from Kuwait, the applicant needs to fulfill the following general requirements:

  • Valid passport and residence details
  • Required photographs, travel itinerary, and travel insurance
  • Cover letter listing activities you intend to perform in the UK, which includes business and other activities.
  • Medical examination report and character certificate from police
  • NOC from employer or institution.
  • Financial stability to bear travel expenses and additional costs of yourself and the family members accompanying you.
  • Firm intention to return home from the UK after visa expiry.

Discuss your travel plans with experienced consultant companies in Kuwait to check your eligibility to enter the UK.


Get Ready to fly


The UK Tourist Visa can be complicated, and you will require assistance from registered consultants for evaluation, accurate application filing and documentation arrangement. They will speed up the process with their experience, represent you in case of legal hurdles, and keep you updated with the application status and changes in rules and regulations.

Once you get a favourable decision, a tourist can witness the unique historical buildings, museums, and towering castles. The UK has breathtaking landscapes, from the rolling grееn hills of Walеs to the highlands of Scotland, vibrant metros like London, and beautiful places in Northern Ireland to visit. You can also enjoy delicious food, local and outside, in the top restaurants. It is also an excellent place for sports enthusiasts to enjoy sports and government facilities.

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