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Nursing is the kind of job that is always going to be in demand, as long as there are people getting sick or getting hurt, they are always going to be needed and being a travel nurse, it’s an advantage that you could accept assignments from other states and maybe Georgia is one that caught your eye. Here is everything you need to know about travel nursing jobs in Georgia.

Types of Travel Nurses in Georgia:

1. Telemetry

Telemetry nurses require a mixture of both registered nurse duties and technical skills in operating machinery that monitors the patient’s health. They use electric equipment to monitor patients. Look for arrhythmias, cardiac baseline changes and abnormalities, respond to any irregularities, and perform stress tests.

As of right now, a Travel Telemetry Nurse makes up about $2,721 a week in Georgia.

2. Emergency Department

Er travel nurse jobs in Georgia would have to be the second best travel jobs in Georgia at the moment, making about $1,822 a week.

ER departments hire travel nurses so that they could be the ones managing critical needs. They treat patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries. As an emergency room travel nurse, it is required to get specialized training since you are going to have to work under pressure.

3. Rehabilitation

A rehabilitation nurse is the third most in demand nursing specialty there is right now. They assist individuals with disability or chronic illness so that they could attain and maintain their maximum functions. They help their patients adapt to an altered lifestyle and provide a therapeutic and comfortable environment for their clients and their families.

In Georgia, they make about an average of $2,668 a week.

4. Med Surg

Med-Surg nurses treat patients with a wide variety of needs, illnesses, and injuries, conduct routine physical exams, and work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals and treat their patients who have complex diagnoses that require technology-driven care. They make about $2,609 a week on average when you are working in Georgia.

5. Psychiatric

Psychiatric nurses care for the psychological, as well as the physical well-being of people who have mental health conditions and behavioral problems. The asses, observe and evaluate a patient, help them regain or improve their coping abilities, participate with clients in their recreational activities, help educate their families and more. In Georgia, Psychiatric nurses make an average of $2,146 a week.

6. Post Partum

The postpartum nurses care for their patients after they give birth, making sure that they are well taken care of until they get discharged from the hospital. While the mother is still checked in, postpartum nurses monitor the vital signs, intrust the new mothers on how to properly take care of their newborn, help establish a breastfeeding relationship between the child and its mother, and support the mother on her choices and reinforce her ability and aptitude in carding for her child.

Postpartum nurses that work in Georgia make about $1,857 a week on average.

7. Labor and Delivery

Labor and delivery nurses male $1,829 weekly. Their main responsibilities are caring for the mother and her infant throughout labor, birth, and immediate postpartum phase, provide psychological and emotional support and they monitor the mother’s condition and give her treatment if necessary. They are needed at 3 parts of the hospital, the delivery room, the maternity ward, and the birthing center.

8. Dialysis

A dialysis nurse makes an average of $1,996 a week. They provide care to end-stage renal disease patients, clearing all of the toxins in their bodies, educating them about their kidneys, and helping the patients make their self-care choices so they could live as comfortably as possible.

How much does a traveling rn make? Well, crisi nursing jobs in Georgia pay a steady median rate compared to other states. The pay is highest when you choose to work in a city, like Atlanta, but do not expect that the pay rate is the same in every part of Georgia, it depends on the location of the hospital or the healthcare facility that you choose to work in. Along with the great pay rate, Georgia comes with beautiful landscapes and an adventurous lifestyle that you, as a travel nurse, would enjoy.

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