Sights to Behold on a Botswana Safari

Wilderness and Luxury on a Botswana Safari

A Botswana safari offers the most luxurious safari in all of Africa. The country is much more remote than other safari destinations, and this means the game viewing is fantastic and the camps and lodges are intimate. With a small population of people, it is the animals that dominate here, and with safari regions like the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Desert and the Chobe National Park, your safari is taken in some magical settings. The essence of a Botswana safari is an authentic wildlife experience combined with true luxury and this is reflected in the sumptuous accommodation and attentive service you get when you arrive in Botswana. The accommodation consists of small and rustic camps and spacious and elegant lodges, all close to the prime safari regions. Along with guaranteed comfort, stylish interiors and delicious cuisine, these camps and lodges are situated to witness spectacular views across the landscapes.

The Okavango Delta

One of the highlights to a Botswana safari is the Okavango Delta region. This is the world’s largest inland delta, a magical oasis of watery channels, shimmering lagoons and pockets of land. The delta forms when the waters of the Okavango River flow inland into the Kalahari desert as opposed to the Atlantic sea. Due to the diversity of this destination, the activities in this region are superb with land, water and air based options available. The delta is teeming with wildlife all year round with thousands of elephant, herds of buffalo, dozens of antelope and plenty of giraffe and zebra. The delta is also rich in birdlife with eagles and heronries often seen in the 400 species recorded here. The best way to explore this stunning region on a Botswana safari is in a mokoro canoe, a traditional dugout canoe. Your expert guide will take you around the waters, gliding silently along so you can sit back and enjoy the wildlife and scenery. In the delta you can also enjoy horseback rides and light aircraft flights.

Elephants Everywhere on a Botswana Safari

One animal that you are guaranteed to see whilst on safari in Botswana is the African Elephant. Visit the Chobe National Park to witness the amazing sight of herds of elephant. In the Chobe there are over 120 000 individual elephants and they are best seen from the vantage point of a boat, floating along the Chobe River, or on an exhilarating game drive. If you’d really like to get up close and personal, enjoy an elephant back ride and special encounters with an elephant family. Learn all about their behavior, watch them play together and climb on the back of one for a truly unforgettable Botswana safari.

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