Every vacation is not complete without shopping, whether you are traveling in Asia or in the US. It is a must experience of splurging some cash for some of the merchandise of the country you are visiting. In Asia, Hong Kong is known for cheap but really good merchandise, ranging from clothes, electronics, toys and other goods. What if you are visiting the Caribbean islands, where should you go shopping? Set your compass to east and head for the tropical island of Barbados. There are plenty of shops in this country and there are shops and boutiques near a Barbados apartment hotel for tourists who buy a lot and stash their purchases at their hotel rooms.

The Caribbean island is renowned for duty free shopping on designer goods. So if you are looking for something glamorous and fancy but you’re on a short budget, this is the place for you. Shoppers will be in for a treat as duty free discounts await them in this tropic country. Visitors will just need to present their passport and address details at where they are staying at the country. Keep in mind that alcohol and tobacco that are bought outside the airport or port will not be handed over the counter, but instead will be delivered straight to your departure port for collection when you leave the country.

Collectors of ornaments, crystals, or fine figurines will be delighted to find these items on sale. Shops like Cave Shepherd, The Royal Shop, or Little Switzerland offer great discounts for find brands like “Swarovski” and “Llardo”. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and if you are looking for these beautiful gems for that special woman in your life, you should head in Board Street where you will find branches of Diamonds International and Colombian Emeralds. Tourists can find a variety of designs of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces which will make a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.

There are also plenty of designer watches and pens available in most shops in Broad Street. The Barbados Royal Shop is the exclusive authorized dealer of watches in the island and it is one of the hottest shopping centers in the country. Couples who are planning to get married in this island will have no problem finding what they need. Bridal gowns for traditional and non traditional like beach wedding can be found on Board streets. There are varieties of suits for gentlemen, which can be found in many stores in the same streets.

Souvenirs are abundant in Bridgetown, and travelers can choose from a wide range of hand crafted goods made in leather and clay. “Bajan” culture is usually bold in expressing their artistry. Pots are painted in bold colors and have unusual designs, ideal for souvenirs and taking a piece of “Bajan” culture back with you.

If you have long shopping list, it is advisable to stay in a Barbados apartment hotel near the country’s shopping district. In this way you can easily take your purchase back to your hotel room, and will save you the hassle of carrying your goods around while hopping from one shop to another. The tropical country is not only known for its natural beauty but also a center for good merchandise at a low price.