Most Popular Tourist Spots in Denmark not to Miss

With the Baltic and North Sea as its neighbors, Denmark is much a coastal country. Its rich Viking history is another aspect that makes the land famous beyond Scandinavia. The country is quite compact, making it easy for tourists to take in much of what it offers within a short span. From the museums to its castles and beaches, Denmark is a place loved by tourists.

The influx of tourists supports the country’s economy. This is seen in reviews platforms like Indeed, tourists have played a key role in revenue generation. Therefore, let’s look at some of these Danish attractions.


Roskilde is where you will find the iconic Viking Ship Museum. The museum ranks among the best tourist attractions in Denmark. You will find this museum fascinating if you are a Viking history buff. There are many engaging displays that will enthrall you. Viking ships found in Roskilde Fjord are housed in the Vikingeskibsmuseet.

Lego House

The famous Lego House in Billund is a wonder to behold. It ranks among the best attractions in Denmark. Although it mainly serves children, it is a place adults can enjoy. You will find a gallery showcasing miniature Lego structures depicting famous buildings worldwide.

LEGOREDO Town and Knights’ Kingdom are two aspects of Lego House children would love. Hotels and other accommodations are available for tourists who want to check-in. Therefore, getting a credit card in Denmark will serve you well as you will be making transactions in such places.

The Little Mermaid

Located at the Copenhagen harbor at Langelinie is a captivating sculpture of a little mermaid perching on a rock. Measuring only 1.25 meters in height and weighing around 175 kg, it is surprising how small it is. The statue was created by Edvard Eriksen in 1913 and was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s play, The Little Mermaid. Vandalism has plagued the statue, and authorities are considering changing its location as a preventive measure.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens was founded in 1843 and has gone on to rank among Europe’s most fascinating attractions. With its lovely gardens, it became a prominent recreation center where creativity blossomed. The rollercoasters, eateries, cafes, theaters, and more, makes Tivoli Gardens an all-inclusive haven, irrespective of age or gender. It is a place you will love during festivals such as Christmas.


Denmark is also known for the many islands it possesses. Bornholm is among the most notable islands in the region. It is famous for its seafood and artistic culture. The island is located in the Baltic Sea and shares interesting proximities with Poland, Germany, and Sweden.

If you want to flee the vibrant and crowded Denmark cities, Bornholm is a great alternative. The Almindingen is located in Bornholm. It is among the top three biggest forests in the country. Joboland, an amusement park, and the village of Svaneke are other fascinating offerings in Bornholm.


Denmark is a small nation with many attractions. This is why they play host to many tourists regularly. The spots mentioned above are places you shouldn’t miss when you visit the country.

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