Five Reasons to Celebrate this Christmas in Norway

How To Celebrate Christmas In Norway

Give yourself a perfect Christmas with a vacation in Norway. You have to explore the Nordic by celebrating Christmas in Norway. 

If you visit Norway, there are many Norwegian Christmas gift ideas you can get for your loved ones. I have explained five reasons to celebrate this Christmas in Norway, read on!

Experience the Norwegian Christmas Traditions

One of the most important reasons to celebrate this Christmas in Norway is to have a feel of the Norwegian Christmas traditions. Below are some of the Norwegian traditions you will experience if you spend this Christmas in Norway:

Lighting Advent candles

Four Sundays before Christmas, on December 4, the preparation period known as Advent begins. Up until Christmas Day, a four-candle candelabra is lit to mark each Sunday. The first candle is lit on the first Sunday, followed by the next two candles on the second Sunday.

Nisser Decorations 

A Nisse according to Scandinavian folklore is likened to a goblin or a garden gnome. History has it that they reside in farmhouses where they serve as the occupants’ guardians and occasionally assist with household duties. They are described as small creatures that resemble elderly men with long beards and red conical hats. It was believed that they were the “soul” of the first residents of the area. The winter solstice is associated with Old Norse characters like nisser, which are widespread. Due to their blending into Scandinavian Christianity, they are now included in Christmas stories, decorations, and greeting cards. Santa Claus is known as Julenisse in Norway and is a subtype of Nisse.

Little Christmas Eve 

On December 23, Norwegians celebrate Lille Julaften or Little Christmas Eve which is a time when the family comes together to clean and decorate the house and tree. Ornaments, heart-shaped things and Christmas baskets filled with goodies, paper chains, and Norwegian flags. Family members also decorate their homes with pepperkakehus, or gingerbread houses, which Norwegians refrain from eating before the end of the Christmas season. That’s part of the reason you should visit Norway this Christmas.

Buy Norwegian Christmas Gifts

Another reason to visit Norway this Christmas is to get your loved ones a unique Norwegian Christmas gift. Below are Norwegian gift ideas:

Norwegian sweater

Hand-knitted Norwegian sweaters are so beautiful and classic. Made from natural Norwegian wool, it’s an elegant and unique piece of clothing to wear. Its quality is one of a kind as you can wear it for a lifetime.

Norwegian wool hat/scarf

Norwegian wool materials are not restricted to sweaters, hats, scarves, and mittens are varieties of Norwegian wool. So, if your budget can’t afford to get you a sweater, you can buy a scarf instead.

Kari Traa 

Norwegians are big fans of wool, and the most popular wool underlayers in Norway are made by Kari Traa. The patterns are very cute and very Norwegian. You can get it on your visit to Norway this Christmas.

Have a Taste of Norwegian Food on Christmas

On this day, Norwegians have some special meals they eat. Perhaps the most important, traditional dish is ribbe (roasted pork belly). Other dishes you’ll always find in a Norwegian home are juletorsk (Christmas cod), pinnekjøtt, kohlrabi, and risengrynsgrøt (rice pudding) as dessert.

Experience Tourist Sites in Norway

Visiting Norway will afford you the opportunity to feed your eyes and enjoy the wonderful scenery of Norwegian tourist sites. You can visit some of the sites below:


Oslo is a very glamorous sight to behold during Christmas. The city has Christmas markets, outdoor ice skating, and a giant Ferris wheel at the top end of Karl Johan’s gate. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

Visit Oslo to experience Christmas traditions from different eras, and explore the market booths. 


Tromsø is nicknamed the famed Northern Lights due to its  stunning natural illumination that only appears in Norway during the winter. It is a must visit for you as it’s an experience you don’t want to miss. 


The largest stave church in Norway, Heddal stave church, is located in Notodden. Every year on Christmas Eve in the winter, there is a liturgy celebrating what the Norwegians refer to as Juletid. So, Notodden is one of the reasons you must visit Norway this Christmas. 

Visit Norway, there are a lot in the bag for you to enjoy. 

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