Festivals Every Tourist Should Visit in Vietnam

14 Festivals in Vietnam (Updated 2020 List With Dates) To Enjoy On Your Trip !

Holidays and Festivals showcase the unique culture of a particular place. Vietnam is no exemption to this. The country celebrates holidays and festivals throughout the year and a lot of people gather for these events. Those who are working far away from their families would even take a break and come home to spend time with their people. For the tourism sector, the craze of these festivals has led to many investors looking for buy sell business opportunities, seeing the promises in businesses selling flowers, firecrackers, food and wine.

Tourists always want to be an observer of events. They want to see with their very own eyes how colourful and vibrant the holidays and festivals could be.

Start to plan your calendar and watch for these holidays and festivals:

  1. Lunar Year

The Lunar year is one of the biggest events in Vietnam. It takes place on the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar. You can expect people to prepare many foods for this occasion as they believe that by doing so, prosperity will knock on their door for the whole year.
Aside from food, people also display flowers in different places. The toasting of firecrackers is also being practised. The excitement is palpable during these times.

2.Lim Festival

This festival celebrates the enlightenment of Ba Mu, who is a Buddist Nun. The festival is well celebrated in Lim Village, 18 km from Hanoi. They would usually prepare a program for the occasion which includes some games like hitting a hanging pot with blindfolded eyes, traditional drawing, Vietnamese wrestling, and the singing of Quan Ho. This is the highlight of the event.
The Quan Ho is sung by different performers. Some of them perform at the stage while some are at the lake on a pagoda wearing their traditional Vietnamese costume.

3.Hue Festival and Hue Craft Village Festival

This festival is founded to preserve the traditional customs that were practised since the Nguyen Dynasty. This is done every other year in Hue, the former capital and last dynasty in Vietnam.
The program prepared for this occasion is the exhibition of the different clothes made by Vietnamese artists that reflects their culture. There is also a parade and dragon dance being performed in the streets. The celebration is a weeklong event that takes place around the end of April and the beginning of May.

4.Hung Kings Temple Festival

This festival aims to commemorate the first king of Vietnam named King Vuong. During this event, hundreds of lanterns set aloft in the sky in the evening.
The procession of pilgrims going to the mountain is also being observed during this occasion. The Hung Kings Temple Festival takes place during the 8th to 11th day of the third lunar month.

5.Ghost Festival or Wandering Souls Day

The Vietnamese believe that the souls of dead people visit their old homes during the end of April or early September. The living pay their respect by offering prayers, fruits, and flowers to the graveyard of their loved ones.
Money papers and clothes are also being burned. The Vietnamese believe that by doing so, they’ll be able to use these in the afterlife.
The Ghost Festival or Wandering Souls is celebrated every 15th day of the 7th Month of the Lunar Calendar.

The Tourism Sector of Vietnam is Growing with the Promotion of their Holidays and Festivals

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