4 Standard Steps To Apply For A US Tourist Visa From Dubai

There is no doubt that applying for a tourist visa in Dubai is not a walk in the park. The main reason for its difficulty is the lack of understanding of the steps involved in successfully applying the standard requirements. However, professional immigration consultants in Dubai are always aware of the recent updates in the immigration process, and they can help you with the requirements and all the steps involved.

Let’s take a brief idea of the four basic steps necessary to apply for a US tourist visa from Dubai.

Step 1: US Visit Visa Application 

The very first step is to fill out the DS-160 application form whether you want to apply for a US visit visa or business visa. Make sure that you fill out all the requirements without any errors. Even a single spelling mistake in the application can impact the results. 

First, you have to visit the CAEC (Consular Electronic Application Center). It is an online application platform that helps you to easily fill out the application form with the basic requirements. Once you are done filling out all the requirements, make sure to submit and print the barcode page of the DS-160 application form.

Step 2: US Tourist Visa Fee Payment

The second step of applying for a tourist visa for the USA is to pay the required for the visa. For this step, we have to first schedule a visa appointment in Dubai. Up till now, the US visit visa fee is USD 160, which is equivalent to around AED 588. However, the visa fees can change accordingly.

Step 3: Manage & Process The Documents

Once you paid the US visit visa fee, the next step is to prepare the important documents as per the requirements. After gathering all the required documents, submit them to the consulate staff to process your case to the next step. Following are some of the primary documents needed to apply for a visit visa to the USA from Dubai.

  • Confirmed copy of DS 160 form 
  • Valid passport with at least 6-month validity and one blank page
  • Copy of old US visa, if any
  • Payment voucher for the paid visa application fee
  • Most recent photographs as per the standards provided in the DS-160 form
  • Police clearance certificate from UAE police department. You can also get this document through an official app.
  • Make sure to bring your previous rejection documents, if any.


Additional Documents

  • Cover Letter
  • Proof of funds (Bank Statement)
  • Invitation letter from the USA via friends or family members
  • Educational credentials, in case you are a student
  • Valid copies of the sponsor, which can be your friends or family members
  • Proof of good health

Step 4: Final Interview 

The very last step of applying for the US visit visa process is to go for the interview. It is crucial and valid for the applicants between an age bracket of 14-79. Avoid all the pitfalls, like taking the interview process more casually. Be on time, or else your interview will be canceled, and make sure you honestly answer all the questions and have submitted all valid, attested, and error-free documents.  

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